Exercise: Creating a Chevron Pattern to Fill a Shape (7:39)

As a reminder, all these videos are filmed in HD, if the video quality is blurry right-click the video and choose a higher quality.

In this video we go over the following functions

  • Duplicate
  • Path Functions: Front Minus Back and Back Minus Front.
  • Merge

So if you need more explanation on what these do you may want to go back and watch those videos. With these practical exercises you'll find that we try to show you what is possible when you use these functions.

As we mentioned in the video you can export your chevron pattern as an SVG and that will allow you to bring it back into sure cuts a lot or even use it in your shapes library. Make sure you check out that video on the shapes library in order to accomplish that task.

Below you will find a companion PDF file that you are able to download.

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